YAMAY M9A Bluetooth Headset

YAMAY Bluetooth Headset Over the Head Wireless Headphones Handfree With Flexible Boom Mic and Multipoint Noise Canceling Charging Dock Stand for Car and Truck Drivers Computer iPhone Android Phones

Price: $21.59
  • ▶High Quality Sound. With 4 X noise cancelling technology, the Bluetooth headset provides you crystal clear sound even in noisy environment. Ideal for meetings and conversing with people on the go.
  • ▶Super Long Battery Life. It allows up to 12 hours continuous talking time with a single USB charger.
  • ▶Easy to Use. It can pair with two Bluetooth-enabled devices simultaneously. Please be noted that: this headphone is specially designed for calling, not for music. Not supporting listen to music.
  • ▶Lightweight and Comfortable. Theheadphones is lightweight and will not cause the feeling of overwhelming on your head. The skin-friendly ear-cushion offers you an ultra comfortable experience for extended periods of time wearing.
  • ▶Friendly Design. The Mic is adjustable for left or right reference. Furthermore, the over-the- head configuration is also customizable to fit your inclination for snug fit.
A. How to reconnect and operation when failed to reconnect ?A: When BH-M9A connected with your mobile phone successfully at the first time,  it will search and reconnect the paired device automatically when power on, If failed, please pair and connect again.
B. How to Delete paired records?
A: In Power on status, long press the volume+ and the volume- button for 5 seconds to clear the pairing record. The indicator Blue and Red LED flash once at the same time that means the pairing record has been cleared, and the BH-M9 will not connect back to the connected device. When there are various connection problem, try clearing the pairing record.
C. What’s the password for pairing?
A: Some connection devices require password for pairing, pls try 0000 or 8888 or 1111  or 1234.
D. What devices could charge for the headphone?
A: Any car charger, power bank, PC  etc which meet DC 5V , charging current more than 500mA could be charge for this item.
E. Could not power on or dead when connect?
A: Press MFB and connect with power supply to reset the item, and repower to use.
F. Three-way calling function operation
A: Call coming during call, short press the MFB to answer the new call and hang up the current call;
Call coming during the call, double press the MFB to answer the new call and keep the current call;
Call with a new call coming, long press the MFB for 1 second rejecting a new call.
When you are on a three-party call, double press the MFB to switch audio between the current call and the keep call.
G. How to mute the microphone
A: When during a call, put the microphone up to head to mute, and put it down to cancel the mute.